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        Welcome to BMW-Brilliance

        Contact Us

        At BBA we've always welcomed and encouraged the contact to you. Now, we can listen to your needs and questions on a broader basis. If you wish a direct contact please call our Customer Service Center. Send us an E-Mail if you would like to know more about BMW and our products.

        BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

        Address: 25th F, Tower B, GATEWAY, No.18 Xiaguangli Dongsanhuanbeilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

        Post code: 100027

        Tel: 010 8455 7000

        Address: No.1, BMW Avenue Shenyang Economic & Technical Development Area Tiexi Shenyang 110143 Province Liaoning P.R.China

        Post code: 110143

        Tel: 024 8455 6000

        BMW Customer Service Center:

        The BMW Customer Service Center is now available daily from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

        Toll Free Number: 400 800 6666

        Fax Number: 010 8225 5800

        PO Box: Beijing International Postoffice 100600-9090 Mailbox

        Email: Servicecenter@bmw.com.cn

        Regarding information feedback on cyber security vulnerabilities:

        Please contact vulnerability@bmw-brilliance.cn


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