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        Welcome to BMW-Brilliance

        BMW believes that a truly responsible and sustainable business must have a higher purpose than simply achieving profit and offer employment - it must work to contribute to improve the society. At home in China, BMW China continues to create values for the Chinese customer, the local society and industry for mutual growth.
        Good CSR understands the urgent and long term needs of government and society, and contributes to the needs. As a contributor addressing social needs, a connector of local communities, and a differentiator in fulfilling corporate responsibility with innovation in China, the BMW leverages core strengths and widely engages stakeholders to create shared value.

        BMW China Corporate Citizenship Strategy BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education BMW China Culture Journey BMW Beautiful Homeland Initiative BMW JOY Home BMW Sustainability & CSR Forum China Charity Federation BMW WHF CSR Awards Report Download


        BMW advocates "Creating Shared Value" in fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility. In implementing innovative CSR projects that respond to real social issues, BMW creates shared value that benefits both society and the enterprise. We continuously seek innovative opportunities in our CSR projects, and join hands with stakeholders to address social challenges.
        Guided by strategic CSR, BMW holds true to its three principles: long-term development, efficacy comes first, and all-round stakeholder engagement.

        BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education

        BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education (CTSE) focuses on the issue of children’s traffic safety. The program integrates the traditional Chinese value of “propriety” into traffic safety education; develops relevant experiences, toolkits and an online platform; engages stakeholders in CTSE Ambassador Volunteer Training and volunteer service; and enables dealers to implement CTSE-related activities in local communities. This ongoing program launched 18 years ago has benefited more than 100 million people so far.

        BMW China Culture Journey

        BMW China Culture Journey focuses on protecting China’s traditional culture, enabling inheritors, and integrating culture and tourism with innovative thinking. The program aims to build a “sustainable public platform” to integrate intangible cultural heritage (ICH) into modern life. In 2016, BMW China Culture Journey collaborated with Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts and Design to establish the Tsinghua BMW Innovation Center. This ongoing program launched 15 years ago has funded or enabled nearly 500 inheritors.

        BMW Beautiful Homeland Initiative

        In 2021, BMW launched the “BMW Beautiful Homeland Initiative”, a program that focuses on protecting China's biodiversity and contributing to national parks construction. By donating equipment, restoring wetlands, educating the public, and volunteering, the program deeply engages stakeholders in various activities to contribute to biodiversity conservation and ecological civilization construction in China.

        BMW JOY Home

        BMW JOY Home focuses on the issue of child development in China, promoting sport development to support China’s rural revitalization and rural education. In 2021, the program launched the future-oriented "Self-Strengthening Movement" to provide football training and physical education for PE teachers in rural areas. The program has benefited more than 130,000 children across 95 BMW JOY Home schools in the nation’s underdeveloped areas.

        BMW Sustainability & CSR Forum

        BMW has consistently dedicated itself to being a good corporate citizen, actively performing the obligations of its localization strategy, and contributing to the sustainable development of China. With an international perspective, BMW has run the BMW Sustainability & CSR Forum in cooperation with various partners since 2013, providing a platform for key stakeholders to demonstrate, share and exchange their experiences in sustainability, while involving extensive social forces to encourage creative ideas and practices on corporate social responsibility.

        China Education Development Foundation BMW Warm Heart Fund

        The BMW Warm Heart Fund (BMW WHF) was established in 2008 by BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. It is known as the first corporate public welfare fund in China's automotive industry. In 2020, BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. jointly partnered up with the China Education Development Foundation (CEDF) to establish the CEDF-BMW WHF, which serves as a platform for stakeholder participation and continuous contribution to Chinese society. In over 10 years, the BMW Warm Heart Fund has donated nearly 160 million RMB in total.

        CSR Awards

        For years, BMW has been adhering to the concept of sustainable development, pursuing the harmonious development between corporate and society, passing honesty and warm heart to the public, and contributing to the society with innovative CSR concept. Therefore, BMW has been widely recognized and received many CSR awards.

        Report Download